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The Drama of the Fish Ball







Will 2014 be "The Year of The Fish Ball"?

(newand one year later the question can be asked: Will 2015? - Now, in January of 2016 this can be answered by: NO, read and here)

A somewhat peculiar drama is playing out in France at the moment - i.e. December 2013 - January 2014. A black standup comedian, Dieudonné M'bala M'bala, is being accused of touring France with his own alledgedly Anti-Semitic show, thereby creating hatred against Jews.

In january the French Minister for the Interior sent out a circular advising the regional authorities to ban his show in their region. This has now taken place in many cities where his show had already been sold out beforehand.

Dieudonné has moreover become known (now rather famous or infamous, according to viewpoint) for having invented and popularized "the quenelle" - the fish ball - a peculiar gesture, which according to himself is meant as an "up yours..." - only softer, using a fish ball, a widespread ingredient in French cuisine - given to the French governmental system, which he sees as oppressive. The French Jewish organized community, however, claims, that the gesture is Anti-Semitic, a variation of the nazi salute. The gesture was invented by Dieudonné ten years ago, so it has taken the Jewish organizations that long to reach this conclusion.

But as one of his supporters, the philosopher Alain Soral, eloquently explains to the American TV-host in a Youtube-video (below) this has to be either a false accusation on the part of the Jewish organizations, or they must be telling us about a hidden connection between the Jews and the state, that we were not hitherto aware of.

This gesture - the quenelle - is going viral on the Internet and across France - now even going to other countries, such as Germany. If you google "la quenelle" you see it among football-players, among soldiers, in TV-show audiences etc.

The Zionist-dominated French authorities and all sorts of Jewish and politically correct media people and "experts" are panicking and despairing because they cannot easily criminalize this rather funny and innocuous gesture, as they want to. People have been sacked for using the gesture, but so far the authorities are bewildered what to do to curb its popularity. Censorship seems to have the opposite effect. In the final analysis it can also be defended as the exact opposite of the nazi salute, the Jews claim it to be, since the arm goes down, not up, and a movement of the other arm is added. It seems to be done as well with the left arm as the right etc..

Whether the Jewish organizations in France and elsewhere are just paranoid and of the opinion that everything has to be centered around Jews or whether they want to point to a hitherto not very well known connection between French Jews and the state, is up to each person to consider, after a serious study of the subject. But the gesture is funny, also meaningful. And it is quite interesing that even a member of a favoured minority (blacks in France) is now also denied his freedom of speech in France. Also quite funny that it took the Jewish organisations ten years to decide that the gesture was Anti-Semitic.

The Fish Ball gesture seems to have the potential to go viral the world over as a protest against suppression of ordinary people, and if the Jewish Supremacists of the world think that this might include a message to them, so be it. The truth has a tendency to want to be heard.

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