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The Hour of Truth

It can no longer be concealed, that the invasion of foreigners is a catastrophy for Denmark

The gang-war on Noerrebro has opened the eyes of many Danes. The media, politicians and "experts" have run out of credible explanations. In an article on the front page of the free paper, MetroXpress on 11.03.2009 with the title "The gang-war is caused by the immigrants" it is stated, that three out of four point to the immigrants as responsible for the gang-war". An investigation carried out by the Analys Isinstitute YouGov Zapera for the paper is unmistakable.

Ever since the begining of the shootings in the summer of 2008 (and even much further back) we have been told over and over, that is was "Hell Angels", who were the real criminals in the country and the foreigners were just "unadapted youngsters".

In the opinion-poll people (unspecified) were asked: "Whom do you hold responsible first and foremost for the gang-wars of the past few months?" 74% answer " Immigrants", 43% "Hells Angels", 18% "Politicians", 3% "The police", 2% "Others" and 10% "Don't know".

An "expert", Kirsten Hviid, from Aalborg University, who has "researched criminal groups" is of the opinion, that the combating is directed against the whole group because neither ordinary Danes nor politicians, nor police, know exactly, who the criminal immigrants are, which she describes as 'an enormous problem for the integration'.

A couple of other experts, a sociologist, Michael Hviid Jacobsen and the media-darling "integration-consultant", Manu Sareen, agree. Sareen calls "the Danes overwhelmingly blaming the immigrants incredibly sad". Mr. Hviid, "who has also researched gang-environments" hints very clearly, that the media ought not to cover the events in anything but a positive light: "The media play a role also". That can hardly be interpreted as anything but a request to the media to distort the simple truth. That is not at all necessary. They have been able to do that during all the years the problem has existed.

Nothing hurts like the truth. It is especially dangerous to the agenda of the power-Jews, which is "Make Denmark and all the other countries in the West multi-ethnic".

Also, it can no longer be concealed, that it is the precursor of a regular race-war and in the long run a civil war between the Danes, who want to defend their culture, country and existence, and immigrants assisted by their Danish minions. "Integration" is just one of the many false pretenses, that will take from the Danes their life and their country. That not all immigrants are criminals and that I have also seen some pretty immigrant girls is in reality unimportant to the Danes. They get the immigrants as a "package solution" with which they are obviously very unhappy.

The hour of truth has come.

Knud Eriksen

March 11, 2009

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