Wiener Zeitung, September 23., 2008


Jewish School goes on Refusing Entrance to four Jewish Orthodox Children in Spite of a Sentence by the Court.


No School for 18 Months!


By Werner Grotte

  • Enforcement Fines have already reached 460.000 Euro (672.000 dollar)
  • FP (Freedom Party of Austria) demands a termination of public funding for IKG ('Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien' - the Vienna Jewish Community)
  • IKG-leader Muzikant will complain to the State.

Wien. The conflict in Vienna concerning five Jewish Orthodox children, who have been refused admittance to their school for 18 months today, shatters the Austrian legal system. For not even enforcement fines to the IKG which have now reached 460.000 Euro have caused the school to comply with the ruling by the Court (OLG, 'Oberlandesgericht Wien') and admit the children to the school. As the fines now grow daily by 100.000 Euro, the Vienna section of The Freedom Party (FP) has demanded a freeze of the public subventions to the IKG.

”The school-association is breaking the law constantly and refuses to follow rulings by the courts” complain both Vienna members of Parliament (Landtag) for the Freedom Party (FPÖ) – Harald Stefan and David Lasar (Lasar himself a member of the IKG).

”Not everybody within the Jewish Society is happy about this kind of taking hostages among family members, which do not befit a Jewish organisation”, complains Lazar. In the final analysis it is not possible to make five children responsible for the quarrels between their father and the leadership of The Jewish Society – which is also the conclusion of the ruling by the Court.

Their father is the US-citizen, Moishe Ayre Friedman, who rejects Israel and 'the zionist power-politics in general', and he has been engaged in litigations with the IKG for years. Amongst other things he accuses the IKG of destroying his property at his 'Synagogue' in Lorbeergasse in 3.District, and could even present a Court ruling, which forbade the IKG to prevent the admittance of himself and his congregation (he refers to himself as Chief Rabbi (Oberrabbiner) of the Prayerhouse with a membership of around 300 orthodox Jews, which statement is heavily contested by the IKG).

Since Friedman in December 2006 took part in the controversial Holocaust- conference in Teheran (Iran), his children suddenly, in the beginning of 2007, found themselves locked out by closed frontgates to their Thora-school – and at that time the youngest son had just started school. Except for June this year, when the children were allowed into the school for a few weeks, and surprisingly alle managed to pass the examination at the end of the school year – the refusal to admit them has been in force again since the start of the new school year.

It is out of the question for the seriously religious family to let the children attend any other school,which has been offered. Because of this Friedman has stated, that it is 'an insolence' that the Schooladministration of Vienna has claimed to have offered him a substitute public school instead.

Fined 100.000 Euro per day.

The father who has practically daily been going to school with his children – in vain - has also been supported by the court in this case: The preliminary ruling by the Court, against the school-association – not to prevent the children from going to the school – has been held up at several instances. The enforcement fines from the Vienna 'Landesgericht' because of 'demonstrated obstinacy' and 'multiple transgressions' had been raised, from March 8, 2008, to the sum of 100.000 Euro per day. An execution of the sentence could encompass enforced auction of two properties in 2. District, because of the school associations lack of liquid assets. At least the one in Grosse Stadtgutstrasse 24 has been bought by public Viennese taxmoney.

According to the leader of IKG, Arial Muzikant, the whole courtcase and the enforcement fines have been ”unjust, because our side of the matter was not heard”. For this reason a complaint has been lodged with the European Human Rights Court. Muzikant refers furthermore to the Law for Private Schools, which, he claims, allows the school-association to refuse members on grounds of transgressions.

Thursday, September, 23 2008

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