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Chosen People not above the Law in Austria -

says victorious Freedom Party

Great victory for Austrian right wing Freedom Party after it reassured the public, during the recent election, that the situation where Jews in Austria repeatedly break the law unpunished and continually behave as if they are above the law - will come to an END!

Anti-zionist Chief Rabbi Moishe Arye Friedman of Vienna stated: 'the Austrian Constitution concerning avoidance of a repetition of the nazi crimes should certainly apply also to the organized Jews of the country, so as to stop them from committing atrocities against Jewish children, such as in the case of my children'.

'It has now been more than 18 months since the Austrian Israelitischer Kultusgemeinde (IKG - The Jewish community of Austria) and their school, Machsike Hadass, declared war against the Austrian government and especially against the final and definite rulings of Austrian Supreme Courts. IKG has declared the rulings to be irrelevant and has opposed them, threatening also violence' says rabbi Friedman.

'Most of the Jews of Austria, also most of the so-called Orthodox Chasidic Jews and also their synagogues and their communities (Except the Jewish orthodox, but anti-zionist community of Rabbi Friedman) are entirely under the IKG, being under total leadership and authority of the Reform Jews and Zionist Jews!' - continues Rabbi Friedman.

After Moishe Arye Friedman, the Chief rabbi of the Orthodox Anti-Zionist Jewish Community attended the Holocaust Conference in Tehran in December 2006, the IKG and the Jewish orthodox school 'Machsike Hadass' decided to take revenge out on his poor children, and as a result the school illegally and violently expelled five of his children. The Austrian Supreme Court ordered the School to immediately and unconditionally return the children to the school. But instead of doing this, the IKG and the so-called Orthodox Chasidic Jews declared war against the court rulings and then essentially also against all the law-enforcement agencies af Austria. Those awful and despicable acts have endangered and frustrated the Austrian population enormously, as it considers the acts of those sects to be terrorist acts directed against the state, which eventually endanger the law and order in the entire Europe!.

As a result the Austrian courts issued fines against the school 'Machsike Hadass' and these have now in reality reached more than 2.000.000 Euros, according to Friedman. During this summer the courts threatened the school to issue warrants of arrest against the school board director, Arie (Erwin) Steiner. Following this the school surendered unconditionally in the summer and the children returned to school and to the full previous extent.

This move by the school resulted - in turn - in a more soft approach by the Austrian Justice against the school and the warrants of arrests were then cancelled!

At the beginning of the new school year, in September 2008, however, the school has taken advantage of this situation and has again, violently and illegally, expelled the children and angered the Law Enforcement agencies immeasurably, and that led to a very inflammatory atmosphere at the - just finished - national elections, were the Freedom Party held Press Conferences and Parliament Inquiries, complaining that the millions of Euros of fines had still not been enforced and collected, and that the warrants of arrests should now be issued again as soon as possible. The Freedom Party finally demanded all government ministers to effectively and immediately freeze all public funds to the IKG and its school until they fully obey and comply with the court rulings.

The School 'Machsike Hadass' is totally financed by the Austrian tax payers. Although the school board of directors are wealthy, they forced the Austrian Republic to finance them fully. Even their synagogues and school buildings are fully financed by the tax payers.

Finally the appropriate Austrian Court is now scheduled to implement the fines very soon and put all the properties of the school association on public auction.

The Freedom Party ensured the public, during the elections, that it would do everything in its power to bring an end to the situation of Jewish sects imagining to be above the law, and endangering the Law and Order in Europe! Also Rabbi Friedman is convinced that the Supreme Court rulings and Law Enforcement will have the final and definite word- The rabbi argued further that the Austrian Constitution, placing any repetition of nazi crimes under Criminal Law, should obviously apply to the IKG as well.

'In recent months and years many orthodox hasidic rabbis intervened at the European Law Enforcement Authorities for the release of many of their members and rabbis being arrested (drug trafficking), arguing that they are in the main human and loyal to Law and Order. But the outrageous developments in Austria have proven otherwise, according to informed sources in Europe, who demand anonymity, but claim, that everything indicates, that they are bloodthirsty and law-breaking communities which endanger the law and order, and the peaceful nature of the societies! - finishes anti-Zionist Chief Rabbi Moishe Arye Friedman of Vienna.

'The Jewish Question' has thus again been at the forefront in democratic Austria, and the threats against Austria - on the international level - from Israel and powerful Zionist Jews around the world will soon be coming. This will then be a repetition of the election in 2000, where Israel and powerful Jewish circles inside and outside the EU intervened in the democratic process - in an incredible exhibition of chutzpah (special Jewish, large scale impertinence)- and managed to have sanctions implemented against Austria for daring to elect a government, they didn't like!

Knud Eriksen, Denmark -
Sept. 30, 2008


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