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A report from Finland
This report is an attempt to give a personal insight on things important to nationalists
About "A Report from Finland":

The authors of this website do not neccesarily agree with- or are responisible for- the opinions expressed in this article written by "A Finn".
We think it contains some excellent information and documentation especially on the extent of Jewish media influence in Finland.
We want to express our gratitude to "A Finn" for allowing us to use this article which is largely unchanged, except for formatting etc.


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Jewish for Gentile values
Jødiske værdier for ikke-Jøder Jødiske værdier for ikke Jøder - Dansk oversættelse

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Aatos Erkko
Aatos Erkko, the richest person in Finland. The mother of Aatos Erkko was Violet Sutcliffe, a well kept secret, a Jewess from England who moved to Finland during the Bolshevik revolution of Russia.

Finnish Nationalist Website
(Finnish only)
Kansallissosialismi Kirjasto

Finland - Suomi

The Finnish language is related to Estonian, Hungarian, and Sami and is completely not possible to be even vaguely understood by other Scandinavians whose languages are very closely related.

To give you an impression of the language we copied a random paragraph from a Finnish Nationalist website:

Nämä verkkosivut syntyivät muutaman suomalaisen kansallissosialistin yhteenliittymästä. Sivuillamme on artikkeleita jotka on julkaistu jo aiemmin muilla sivuilla, mutta tulevaisuudessa myös uutta materiaalia pyritään.

As you may notice there aren't many recognizable words in it! Very long words are characteristic. One is able to decipher the borrowed equivalents for 'article', 'socialism' and 'material'.

There is a Swedish speaking minority in Finland, and officially the country is bilingual. The Finnish name for the country is Suomi.
In Finland there also is a Sami minority, who differ racially from the Finns, and used to be a wandering reindeer herding people.

Jewish Media Influence in Sweden and Finland (Similar & more info on the subject)
The media

All non-state owned TV channels and almost all important medias are owned by two groups – Sanoma WSOY and Alma Media.

58,4 percent of Sanoma WSOY is owned by Aatos Erkko, the richest person in Finland. The mother of Aatos Erkko was Violet Sutcliffe, a well kept secret, a Jewess from England who moved to Finland during the Bolshevik revolution of Russia. (Aatos Erkko is also connected to the US Jewish Sulzbergers and participated in the Bilderberg Conference of 1991)

Of the rest of Sanoma WSOY, at least 14 percent is owned by Erkko's sister and his sister's children.
Erkko's sister's other child owns 5,3 percent. I am unable to tell whether rest of the owners are Erkko's or his relatives. All in all Erkko family controls at least the 77,7% of the Sanoma WSOY and quite probably close to 80-85% percent through the different Erkko owned businesses.

Alma Media is 33% owned directly by Bonnier Service, that is a Jewish family business from Sweden, that changed its name from Hirschel to Bonnier.
23.4% is owned by TV4, which is in turn owned 23,4% by the Bonnier family.
33% is owned by Talentum Oy, a media corporation, of which Bonnier family again owns 33%.

Altogether at least the greater share of Alma Media is owned by the Bonnier family, which has tightened its grip on Alma Media each year.

About 20 percent, in small parts , are owned by Finnish insurance companies.

Alma and Sanoma WSOY together own 51% of STT, Finland's news agency, which supplies news to Finnish media including the state owned YLE along with the multinational news agencies such as the Reuters.

(Some of the above data collected in 2002 - source)

Finnish Television

Nelonen, MTV3 and SUB-TV, the three commercial and by far the most watched channels (in this order) in Finland, which are owned by Sanoma WSOY (Nelonen) and Alma Media respectively. They supply the nation with most of the consumer crap: the only Finnish TV channels with adverts, TV-shops, Mobile phone on screen chats, -games and -mobile dating services.

The American soap series (for example. the Bold and the Beautiful), American drama series (like Six feet under or the Party of Five), some politically correct scifi like the Stargate and then Hollywood movies.

Then there are the different Real TV shows like for example American cop shows and survivors (even a Finnish versions of it). MTV3 also runs the Finland's own soap series, "Secret lives", which uses for all I know and international format, including gay main character, drugs, lot's of commercialism correct social life and of course endless sex and dating drama. It is apparently played by utterly and completely non-gifted actors, deduced from a sample size of some seven episodes.

A male actor of this series apparently also got his owns series, where he poses as a Finland's famous porn star, who fictionally appears daily in the headlines of the real evening newspapers in Finland. MTV3 also airs TV series such as Don't tell momma, a drama series about the “everyday life” of gays, Sex and the City, an obviously Jewish series about not having babies and living under a commercial Jewish controlled democracy.

Sanoma WSOY's Nelonen is the same, if not worse, with material like Do you want to be a millionaire?, dozens of American shows I don't want to even know about considering their names like Felicity, 4Pop or Judging Amy. Sub-TV airs mostly American tv-shows, their Finnish imitations and mobile phone games .

I could grind on endlessly about the specific examples, but the fact is that these channels are thoroughly pro-Jewish, pro-multicultural society, pro-commercialism etc.

It's kind of sad that I have to mention United States of America as the origin of the trash culture entertainment, but the fact is that Jewish interests created American pop-culture not only for Americans, but also to be able to export it to the other nations, and this they surely have done.

Finland has also the Yleisradio TV, which provides channels non-commercial channels YLE 1 and YLE 2, and lately also a special documentary and news channels for the digital TV. It is a state owned and controlled media, which has a mission, as stated in law, to provide quality content for the nation. It provides education, news and entertainment.

Jewish for Gentile values

Gentile is the "nice" Jewish word for none Jews.

Jews do everything they can to preserve their Jewish identity, and have managed to do so through many centuries. They discourage marriages between Jews and none Jews thus practicing racism, sexual restraint, and have different rules for behavior towards group members and non group members. Immigration to Israel only for Jews. Sticking to traditions, special Jewish schools (apartheid), circumcision, sticking to religious rituals, sticking together, preserving authorities.

Where Jews rise to a position in society which enables them to teach none Jews or to make propaganda for certain ideologies, they preach a wholly different attitude. Inter racial marriage none discriminating behavior, equal rights for minority groups, sexual freedom, and free immigration. Diminishing authority from (Christian) religious institutions, undermining tradition, giving up the sovereignty of nations, asf.

Jødiske værdier for ikke-Jøder

Jøderne gør alt hvad de kan for at holde fast i deres etniske og religiøse identitet, og har gjort dette gennem mange århundreder.
De taler imod blandede ægteskaber mellem Jøder og ikke Jøder, seksuel afholdenhed inden ægteskabet, og har forskellige regler for opførsel mod gruppemedlemmer og ikke gruppemedlemmer. Immigration til Israel er kun for Jøder. Holder fast ved traditioner, speciale skoler for Jøder (apartheid),
omskæring, holde fast ved religiøse ritualer, gruppesammenhold, opretholde respekten for autoritet indenfor gruppen.

Når Jøder så kommer i en position i deres værtslande hvor de har mulighed for at påvirke andre (ikke Jøder) propaganderer de for en hel anden synsvinkel. Ægteskab mellem folkegrupper, integration af indvandrere og tilpasning af samfundet til indvandrere, ikke diskrimination, lige rettigheder for indvandrere, seksuel 'frigjorthed', fri eller lempelig immigration.
Underminering af (Kristne) religiøse autoriteter, traditioner, opgivelse af national suverænitet, osv.

Disse Jødiske strategier er kendt fra Rusland under den Bolsjevistiske revolution, hvor de Jødisk dominerede Revolutionsråd forbød den Kristne religion, myrdede præster, nonner og kirketjenere og brændte kirker og klostre ned. Man prædikede at religion var den rene ondskab. Samtidigt havde Jøderne speciel tilladelse til at dyrke deres religion, synagoger og rabbinere blev beskyttet osv.

Senere arbejdede jødisk dominerede retninger indenfor psykologien (Freud), antropologien (Boaz), sociologien (Adorno), og filosofien (Derrida) ud fra nogenlunde de samme principper, mens de selv opretholdt deres jødiske identitet, og gruppefælleskab.

I nutiden ser vi en lang række Jøder som initiativtagere til alverdens "overvågningscentre for racisme og fremmedhad", "menneskerettigheder", flygtninge advokater, indvandrings fortalere osv., mens de hvor de kan komme af sted med det støtter staten Israels racistiske og imperialistiske politik og uafhængighed. Imens klynger de sig til deres jødiske identitet gennem et hav af foreninger og trossamfund, der skal bevirke at de selv ikke bliver assimileret, men fortsætter med at beholde deres særstatus.

Arne og Bent Melchior og Jacques Blum er nogle danske eksempler hvor dobbelt holdningen er mest i øjenfaldende. Men ud over dem er der en lang række andre danske og internationale Jøder og organisationer der arbejder på at underminere befolkningerne identitet, afskaffe nationalstaternes selvstændighed ved at arbejde for overstatslige organisationer, EU, FN, globalisering osv.

Læs mere om disse jødiske strategier i en artikel fra den frafaldne Jøde Henry Makow. her

Mere om de Jødernes rolle under den Russiske Revolution i en tale fra tyske politiker Martin Hohman. her

Mere om jødernes udnyttelse af psykologien til egne formål
. her

YLE is directly controlled by the parliament and thus reflects the values of the elected officials, which currently politically means (Jewish controlled) Social Democracy.

YLE has by far fewer amount of viewers than the commercial channels.

It does, or at least did, provide some quality children's cartoons, documentaries about the nature, Finnish TV-series etc. Then it provides the news, lotto and other gambling, the essentials for a totalitarian social democracy. YLE 2 has also picked mobile phone games for the mornings and late nights.

YLE also runs an animated comedy series about the cabinet members and prominent politicians, which I think is an international concept.

Naturally the series is excellent as propaganda in favour of social democracy, but most lemmings actually see it as exactly the opposite, which of course makes it even better propaganda.

YLE channels also air some of the somewhat better American entertainment like the Frasier and Babylon 5, at least the latter of which reflects Jewish values by the self-proclaimed atheist Jew J. M. Strazynski.

In JMS's latest series, the Jeremiah, A Negro and a White guy go about the wrecked U.S., fighting white and black supremacists, hate and bigotry.

For example the leading character actually gases skinheads almost to death in one episode, but is stopped by his Negro partner. Jeremiah is obviously intended as propaganda against nationalistic movements and in support of the Jewish New World Order.

Then the Helsinki television cable, which is owned by Sanoma WSOY, provides the European Music Television, which is the Jewish for gentiles pop and rap culture channel, and the Eurosport TV channel.

There were some less-mainstream Finnish TV channels on the HTV cable also, but the content they provided was mostly rubbish (my personal opinion) and the channels aren't alive anymore.
One of these latter mentioned supplied pornography during late nights to the Finnish nation.

All in all most Finns are pretty happy with the overwhelming Jewish television entertainment and of course 95% are happily ignorant on the fact, that the television doesn't reflect their traditional values.

Though since the social democrats have managed to demolish the traditional family unit, there are really very little Finnish values left in the average urban family to cherish, let alone in the upcoming new multiculturally aware, highly educated, utterly underpaid and highly ignorant working families.

At this point I recommend: this page about the Sanoma WSOY and Alma Media monopoly. Also there is a similiar text partly in English here.

Radio in Finland (my insights are rather limited here). YLE has channels ranging from news to entertainment, many of which seem to be suffering from the lack of listeners.

Then there are the commercial, pop-culture, 12-year old prostitution encouraging channels like Kiss-FM and Energy, both of which are part of different multinational media corporations (Lack of resources to find out about Jewish ownership, it being highly likely).

Alma Media runs Radio Nova, which is a pop-culture station for the adults.

First of all we have the Finland's biggest and the most respected newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, which is owned by Sanoma WSOY.

It has the usual perspective: pro-multinational corporations, pro-European Union, pro-Nato, anti-nationalistic and of course pro-Israel.

It is highly aligned with the Finland's most prominent political part: Social Democrats. Erkko also made money with prostitution adverts until just a few years ago until a feminist group managed to force Helsingin Sanomat to drop the adverts by canceling subscriptions.

The next biggest daily newspaper is Aamulehti (“Morning paper”), which is an Alma Media publication.

Of the rest of the mainstream business or newspapers, most are owned by Alma and WSOY. In the north there are still some important independent regional newspapers, like Kaleva, but I don't think there are any important newspapers having a non-Jewish point of view.

There are exactly two competing evening newspapers, Iltalehti and Iltasanomat, owned by Alma Media and Sanoma WSOY respectively. They are designed for the stupid masses with Jewish for gentiles values, and thus most educated people think them as entertaining rubbish made solely for the purpose of making money.

Most people fail to realize that making money is generally not an objective, it is a means to an end and for the Jews it is all better to make money while destroying the Finnish / western culture.

Also, there are exactly two competing business newspapers, Taloussanomat and Kauppalehti, owned by WSOY and Alma Media respectively.

Sanoma WSOY also owns Sanoma Magazines Finland Oy, Finland's biggest magazine print, which is responsible for publications such as the Cosmopolitan (For young European women), Gloria (“lifestyle” magazine for women), Me naiset (“We the women”) and Donald Duck (Which was turned into Jewish propaganda after the Walt Disney's death and Disney's fall into Jewish ownership).
Sanoma Magazines also publishes magazines throughout western Europe.

Olli Reenpää

The next biggest magazine publisher is Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet Oy, which publishes material such as Anna (Women's magazine), Painonvartijat (Fitness magazine.

The last issue had a cover picture of popular mulatto, Lola), 2 plus (Baby magazine, I can't say anything about it), Suosikki (“Popular”, looks like to be a rap culture magazine for teenagers), Seura (“Company”, family magazine about popular culture and celebrities) and Suomen Kuvalehti (“The Finland's picture magazine).

All in all Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet at least has noticeably less directly corrupting publications than Sanoma Magazines. Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet Oy is part of the Otava-Kuvalehdet Oy, which is completely owned by the secretive Swedish Olli Reenpää family.

The founder of Otava was Hannes Gebhard in 1890 (Jewish surname from Poland), but I'm not sure if Olli Reenpää is related.

The next owner was Alvar Rengvist, who is the grandfather of Olli Reenpää (The family has changed its surname from Swedish to Finnish one, Rengvist -> Reenpää) at least he does not look like a Finn, but a Swede or a Jew.

Otava-Kuvalehdet also runs the Finland's second biggest book printing. The biggest is [of course] WSOY, owned of by Sanoma WSOY Oy.

The monopoly of Sanoma WSOY and Alma Media is staggering, truly a big lie, but the situation is similar throughout U.S. and Europe, and thus this is nothing special.

According to the herkman link given earlier, in the 1980 majority of the mass-media was still in control of the parliament and the current situation is result from the development of the last twenty-five years – Even though the commercial media held a prominent position even back then.

Perhaps this might explain partly why Finland still having relatively homogeneous people – the mass media started effectively pushing multiculturalism and Jewish-for-gentiles values only some twenty or twenty five years ago.

Naturally this also means that the current generations have lived all their lives influenced by these medias and thus race-mixing is going to skyrocket if a lot of Negroes are let into Finland in the coming years.

For Finnish reading people, a speech of Aatos Erkko, where he talks about the need of privatization of Finnish infrastructure, such as the post service and railroads, the need for urbanization, the need for European Union and Euro, the need for Nato, the joys of social democracy and manipulating of the youth for healthy values.

He promises that if Finns follow his advice – they can have success in the New World Order.

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Finnish Politics, Media, Jews & Immigration (you are here!)

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Legal situation

Finland is a republic with a constitution, although unlike in the United States of America, constitution means very little in Finland. Parliament can change it when needed (and often does – 5/6 and 2/3 majorities are needed to do this quickly) and laws seemingly can be unconstitutional. As in most European countries, Finland has a law, that restricts constitutional free speech when it comes to races, Jews or immigration: "Agitation against a group of citizens is prohibited" with a prison sentence of up to two years in jail or fines.

Lately this was used against a publisher, who published a book which mentions the Russian Czar family and their Jewish murderers. He got three hundred Euros in fines. (details)

Even mentioning the Jews, Erkko family or Alma Media in a bad light can get one in a trouble, and in a blacklist, which effectively bans you from WSOY and Alma media corporations and thus from a career of a journalist, a writer (to newspapers) or being interviewed in these medias.

As for immigration, there are very clear laws against discrimination. Naturally such laws don't apply to Jews – no one would dare to bring such an issue to public or hope to win such a case in Finnish court. Now I don't altogether object to such a law, but the problem lies in letting Zionist Jews and Negroes into being Finnish citizens, and this makes the law very problematic.

Races and I.Q
In a late event the father of current Finnish prime minister was investigated by the police for possibly agitation, when Helsingin Sanomat published in a weekly extra paper an interview with Tatu Vanhanen, who is a co-author to the I.Q. and the Wealth of Nations.

It looked like an attack on the prime minister and Center party in favour of Social democratic party. This has been discussed at Stormfront under other topics.

The senior Vanhanen's interview springed a discussion about races and I.Q. in Helsingin Sanomat, where humanists got to ridicule the old racist's views - humanists who think they could make a professor out of a chimpanzee, if the people weren't so prejudiced and would give it a fair change. There was at least one decent opinion published, which noted that I.Q. test score differences between races are in fact, facts.

Also in a very late (2.9.2004) humorous event during “the nation's discussion about IQ”, a group of Somalis (Negroes from South-East Africa, the only Negroes with good numbers in Finland) challenged a group of Finns to an IQ test by Mensa.

I've not seen the show, but it was aired on a MTV3 program 45-minutes. The cognitive elite of Somalis, all six of them, managed to score reportedly “nearly as much as an average Finn”, meaning 85-95 (STD 24), while the group of high school (?) Finns scored “exceptionally high”, the latter which was only hastily mentioned during the show.

The data was not shown, but the host, according to an Internet forum, said outside the show that the average was on the edge of the requirement for Mensa. The conclusion that was drawn in the show was that the Somalis are on average as intelligent as native Finns.

All data was later apparently commissioned to be destroyed by the Finnish police

In summary no political party in Finland can exist, which is officially against the Jewish influence.

If there were to be a national socialistic party in Finland, it would have to formulate its critique of the society and media in general terms – omitting facts not unlike ones I have presented here.

The agitation law was obviously made in protection of the Jews in 1995 (or at least revised in 1995). The exact law in Finnish.


Book on Russian revolution banned for being anti-Semitic

State Prosecutor says Finnish introduction to book on Russian Revolution is criminally anti-Semitic

A book on the last phases of the Russian imperial family is leading to charges of incitement to ethnic hatred being filed in Vantaa District Court.

State Prosecutor Jorma Äijälä says that the introduction of the book defames the Jews as an ethnic group and libels the Jewish religion.
According to the indictment, the text constitutes both incitement against an ethnic group, and violation of the sanctity of religion. Prosecutions for either crime are quite rare in Finland.

The work is the Finnish translation of The Last Days of the Romanovs By Robert Wilton.

It appeared in Finnish in 2000. The book is published in Finland by a group called Tabernaculum Dei, which operates in the southwest of the country.

The book's translator who wrote the introduction to Finnish edition uses the pseudonym Jakim Boor.

The introduction drafted for the Finnish version of Wilton's book claims that the Jews are a threat to other ethnic groups, and especially Christians.

The piece also lists a number of wars, acts of violence, and crimes, which the Jews have supposedly committed throughout history. Similar material is also contained in Wilton's book, which was originally published in 1920.

For instance, a web site favoured by neo-Nazis claims that the book proves that the Russian Revolution was, in fact, the work of Jewish Bolsheviks.

Tabernaculum Dei claims to base its activities on the theology and philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).

The pseudonym Jakim Boor has been used before: in the 1940s and 1950s the name was used by Spain's dictator Francisco Franco for some of his writings.

Robert Wilton, meanwhile, served as the Russian correspondent of the British newspaper The Times from 1902 to 1919.

In addition to his book on the last days of the Romanovs, he wrote another one entitled Russia's Agony (1918). Both have been published in several languages. Read article

Unfortunately without the controversial introduction: The Last Days of the Romanovs

More about Jewish involvement in the Russian revolution:

German Christian Democrat
Martin Hohmann - Anti-Semitic Speech

Winston Churchill about the role of the Jews in the Bolshevist Revolution

Political parties

There are three prominent political parties. SDP (Social Democrats) 53 seats, KESKUSTA (Center) 55 seats, KOKOOMUS (Conservative) 40 seats. Then VASEMMISTOLIITTO (The left wing) 19, VIHREÄ LITTO (Green party) 11, RKP (Swedish national party) 8, KD (Christian democrats) 7 and PS ('True Finns') 3. Of all these parties only PS is critical against the European Union and VASEMMISTOLIITTO has some doubts (ideologically it should be fiercely against).

That Keskusta won the last elections was obviously a minor setback for the Jewish interests. This was quickly fixed by a media attack on the new prime minister – Anneli Jäätteenmäki. The campaign, fueled by Sanoma WSOY and Alma Media, was successful and Jäätteenmäki resigned. Jäätteenmäki had possibly something to do (the charges were dropped in court) with publishing information about Paavo Lipponen meeting secretly George Bush in the White house about the war in Iraq, Nato and Finnish grenade launchers – A true patriotic act from Jäätteenmäki! The next prime minister was and still is Matti Vanhanen, from Keskusta. The Jews are still not completely happy with him judging by the latest partly failed media attack having to do with Tatu Vanhanen. Nevertheless the policy of Vanhanen is at least from the outside inextricable from the policy of SDP's Paavo Lipponen.

The current President of Finland, Tarja Halonen is the most unqualified President in the history of any nation. She doesn't take any stances - she has no opinion on anything important, except on helping the third world by bringing the Negroes here. Secondly, she was lately awarded a honorary doctor status in a poor African country for providing them help - I guess the president is not really interested or concerned about Finland. She was the SDP's candidate and of course she is highly backed up by the Sanoma WSOY and Alma Media, and even YLE. Also in the polls, where they ask how happy the folk are about the President, she receives mostly happy or very happy opinions – I have a high doubt about the extend of her appreciation outside the manipulating polls.

In any case a patriotic media would not have much problems criticizing her, if there were to be one in Finland. Some of this traitor's comments from memory: “What will the others think if we don't get rid of the mines?” (Apparently the President of the Finland and commander of the military force thinks, that Finland has mined the borders during peace time) “What will the others think if we don't increase our third world help to 0.7% of our GDP like the U.N. tells us to?” For crying out aloud.

In my opinion the Green party, led by Osmo Soinivaara, is a social democratic party that additionally supports: Making drugs legal (especially cannabis), Making the military service more selective as in non-mandatory for some, getting rid of the mines as a weapon, Somali immigration, urbanization, feminization, gay rights etc. A detail to be considered, is that these “greens” seem to have very limited and selective opinions, or even knowledge, on the preservation of the beautiful Finnish nature.

Now this might be gross-simplification, but Kokoomus (Conservatives) and SDP have pretty much the same platform: Jewish controlled democracy, social-care, pro-big businesses, pro-Nato and pro-trade unions. Kokoomus has a focus on pleasing the more educated masses while SDP focuses on the 'proletariat' of Finland. In its essence, the new constitution of the European Union is a culmination of conservative and social democratic values – both parties of course fully support the European Union and Euro.

Of the leading parties I find Keskusta the least repulsive, but still utterly repulsive. Keskusta actually might have something to do with why Somalis aren't led into this country en masse. As far as its general policy is concerned, it is “between conservatives and social democrats”, which equals to it having the exact same values as Kokoomus and SDP.

Vasemmistoliitto are the mild communists and the only prominent, thought pathetic, opposition to the three identical leading parties. Vasemmistoliitto is the most visible monument left from the Marxist Jew's ideology in Finland, who like their free market brothers support one world government and Jewish controlled democracy, but seem to disagree on whether the gentiles are to be controlled by global communism or global free-markets.

RKP are conservatives and social democrats, who additionally serve the Swedish minority in Finland.

Christian democrats are conservatives and social democrats, but some notable disparities are to be found. CDs support the family as important unit in society and seek by their policy to serve the whole of the nation's folk. They also support an independent Finland and think this can be achieved even inside the European Union. Nevertheless they are pro-Israel, pro-Negro immigration (because of their Christian “everyone must be equal” - values) and generally they fail to see the real problems in our society. As history records, the Christian politicians are willing to change their views and the Christian democrats are perhaps one of the only currently prominent party, that could ally ideologically with White nationalists or national socialists.

The True Finns are the most nationalistic party in the parliament. They support a social democracy and are against privatization, they support medium to small enterprises, they are against drugs [for the masses], they support the mother's traditional role in family and the family unit, they support an equal development for the countryside and in urban areas. Also they support an independent Finland. Many of them are healthy values, but the party lacks radicality – perhaps though to attract more voters. Their politicians are not intelligent enough to see the real problems, or at least the real solutions for our society's problems. The media has skillfully taken advantage of Tony Halme, the party's most known face, as a stereotype for a man of nationalistic ideologies: dumb, violent, racist and a skinhead.

There were also some nationalistic parties in the last parliament election such as Muutosvoimat Suomi (“The forces of change in Finland”). It got about 0.4% of all votes. By the looks of it, it has pinpointed some of the real problems: Euro and European Union, but as a party and especially on the propaganda department it is a failure. Nevertheless this party could perhaps supply a White nationalistic or a national socialistic party with some members.

I dare to say that this is pitiful condition of the political life is the natural development in a Jewish controlled democracy - or indeed in any democracy since the most united and resourceful front will gain the power without any responsibility through the free media.

Finland utterly lacks real revolutionary parties, be it communistic, national socialistic or global capitalist (2/3 which are Jewish ideologies), which is partly because many Finns so very much like to believe in social democracy and absolute equality of individuals and races. As to why there are more radical parties in pretty much every western country, there are really not simple reasons. Finland is an old Jewish democracy, which has not had its own monarch independent from Sweden or Russia. Finland was also one of the fastest countries to pick a democracy after the bloody Jewish and Freemason led revolution in France.

On the other hand Finland has a very heavy taxation, a badly working health care, the lowest wages in the whole EU for the educated people, and a brain dead political life – all this screams for radicalization.

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Danish Politics, Media, Jews & Immigration

Finnish Politics, Media, Jews & Immigration (you are here!)

Jewish Media Influence in Scandinavia

Danish EU Politician Torben Lund against World Jewry

German Christian Democrat
Martin Hohmann - Anti-Semitic Speech

Winston Churchill about the role of the Jews in the Bolshevist Revolution

Auschwitz Numbers Death toll estimates through the years

Schindlers List Hoax (Book Covers)

Adolf Hitler about the Jews

The Jewish Timeline


In Finland there are at least 10.000 Gypsies (exact number unknown, since Gypsies are labeled only according to the country of origin), 4600+2500 Somalis (latter have the Finnish citizenship), of which 60 percent are unemployed and in total about 4300 Negroes with Finnish citizenship. About 1000 Iraqis, of which 70 percent are unemployed. 26.500 Russians, 14.400 Estonians and 3000 Chinese including both citizens and non-citizens (With citizenship: 3757 Russians, 1655 Estonians and 846 Chinese).

All in all there are about 110.000 foreigners in Finland and about 24.000 foreigners with Finnish citizenship, of which 14.000 are non-Europeans.

I believe many White nationalists in other countries would give up their house for these figures, but nevertheless in Helsinki one does easily come across about 20-40 Negroes a day just by walking through the center.
As for race-mixing, there are seemingly good amount of White and Black moms with Mulatto children in eastern and to a lot lesser extern, western Helsinki.

I believe a very strong majority of Finns would not want themselves to race-mix and there are many racialist and racist Finns, especially outside the major cities – despite the best efforts of the Jewish media (I don't think I've lately seen an MTV3 newsreel about junior school where the camera was not zoomed into a Mulatto child). But the current teenagers and children are noticeably less race conscious. As for me personally, a Negro who lives and mates amongst his own kind here in Finland is tolerable for the moment, but seeing Mulatto children is always depressing. Just the unemployment, crime and rape rates should tell clearly, that in general, Negroes do not fit into our society – they should be given help to built their own in Africa.

Public schooling and some media lies

"You could take a human baby from 20.000 years ago and he would raise to be a normal modern citizen in today's society" That is, the Marxist view on cultural evolution completely replacing the biological evolution. "Finland has an aging population and thus needs lot of immigration to compensate". An often repeated slogan in the media and in the history classes I attended through the school. How about instead supporting the making of more Finnish babies instead of pushing womens into careers and into a trendy single life by the Jewish media? "If Hitler would have won, it quite probably would have meant a genocide for us all" Something, that at least two different history teachers kept repeating.

My understanding is that in comparison to many other European countries or the U.S., Finland still has quite a good quality public schooling. This I guess is partly the result of skilled teachers, who have to have an university degree to teach in any school. They are though heavily underpaid and constantly and rightly moan about it. Some of the other factors for the good statistics in several focal matters like the reading skills, might be the still relatively small number of Negroes.


I regard the Finnish nature highly, the lakes, the trees, the animals I've grown up with. The careful balance the course of the evolution has brought into this area. I would not want to destroy it by bringing over hostile foreign plants and predators, that would upset the balance and consume her diversity by killing many native species.

I especially enjoy the Finnish culture – unique language and customs – the way one does not have to constantly talk indifferent matters to feel comfortable or babble like a group of Negroes in a public service vehicle.
Finland has no oil, no precious metals to mention of, no outstanding natural resources except for the fresh water. The folk have to rely on their professional skill to prosper in the global world. By bringing over the Negroes we do not only destroy ourselves, we will rid Finland of its ultimately most valuable resource.

A Finn


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About Scandinavia, Finland, Helsinki. immigration, politics, jewish influence on society. Zionist Most Americans don't know much about Scandinavia else then they are supposed to have beautiful blond women and a viking heritage. The difference between, the Scandinavian countries is completely unknown. The Finnish language is closely related to Hungarian, and completely ununderstandable for other Scandinavians whose languages ar closely related. Scandinavians are very different from each other though, and so are their politics. Scandinavia is not just. politics in Scandinavia differ greatly from each other as do the numbers of immigrants. Scandinavia is the home of the aryan, and so is Finland. Finland, Finnish, Suomi, antisemitism, anti-semitism anti semitism is our birthright, for our people shall live, not as slaves of the old testament talmudic vengeful god Jahve, but as the free people of Odin and Thor. Helsinki is the capital of Finland. The Finnish media are to a very high degree Jewish controlled. Bonnier (Herschel, Hirschel) is one of the major players, together with Aatos Erkko, Finlands richest man. Violet Sutcliffe, jewish, Jew from England.